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Full Magazine List added
November 5, 2007, 1:06 pm
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If you look on the top menu bar we’ve added a full run down of every magazine that we have Jo Guest listed in 🙂


Parade No257
October 5, 2007, 10:27 am
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Parade 257One of the longest running titles in the UK glamour magazine market but it’s like an orphan in that it has been passed from publisher to publisher. It now resides in the Goldstar stable which recently sold all its titles in a management buy out and I believe the sale price was £1.

This issue, number 257 has a Sammy Jessop cover and inside you’ve got Jo Guest dressed in a fern green slip with white lingerie underneath. It’s the typical Spanish villa set which covers 6 pages with 9 pictures.  If you’ve read the write up to Whitehouse International number 5 which I wrote earlier today you will see that I mentioned a one off shot of Jo advertising the subscription page, well that shot of Jo is from this set although not duplicated in this mag.

The cover of this mag advertises on the splash that it contains all the page 3 girls and it’s true. Sam Jessop the cover girl has a 4 page set with her dressed in black leather holding a riding crop and Vicky Lee has a small set too, she is pouting over 3 pages and is it me or does she look like Bonny Tyler?

Any mag with Tracey Coleman is always collectable and this issue of Parade has Tracey in a check blouse and matching panties with white strap heels.

In stock and priced at £7.99 at

Whitehouse International No6
October 5, 2007, 10:06 am
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Whitehouse magazineWhitehouse International, not to be confused with Whitehouse the International magazine for men, is published by GSP who control the top shelf market in the UK. This issue with an Eve Vorley cover has Jo over 5 pages dressed in black lingerie with black leather thigh boots and a pair of Rayban aviators being photographed on the bonnet of a Mini Moke.

Also, on the inside back page there is another shot of Jo with a pair of white panties stretched across her thighs. The shot is advertising the subscription page for Whitehouse.

The magazine also includes shots of Gilly Sampson looking super sexy in pink lingerie. Maria Sheriff on a beach in a santa suit. Emma Nixon spelt Nicksson in this instance in a fancy basque, black stockings and suspenders. Gilly Moller aka Minnie Champ which coincidently is a type of Mini Moke! Sharon Tansley better know to you lot as Suzie Sleeze in a pink check mini skirt. Finishing with Vida Garmen dressed in red heels, black stockings and suspenders and a top hat.

This back issue magazine is in stock and priced at £14.99

Jo Guest Sizzle V2 No43
September 20, 2007, 9:50 am
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Jo Guest Sizzle MagazineThis magazine carries a boy girl set of Jo and it is from the pictures are from the same photo shoot that the infamous (doctored) blow job photo has been taken from.

Jo is dressed in black lace top stockings, black suspender belt and gloss red heels, with large black disc earrings. Set in an office environment Jo strokes a young studs cock, which as you would expect looks close to bursting point.

Nine pages and 14 pictures make up the shoot with the infamous cock sucking shot being a double spread near the back of the shoot. This pic appears on the internet doctored with the cock being enlarged so that it appears to be actually inside Jo’s mouth, where this original pic shows that is not the case.

The layout of this magazine would leave me to believe that it is a rebind. My reasons for thinking this is that there is no content page. As soon as you flip the front cover you see Jo’s set with a close up of her squeezing a cock and nearly resting it against her top lip.

At the back of the magazine the final picture set is inexplicably cut off and the inside front and rear cover are running adverts which just don’t sit right.

Further examination would leave me to believe that the contents of this magazine, or at least some part of them are from Oui January 1995, but I’ll have to check that magazine and come back to this page.

One of Jobbydealers most popular models and the magazine is SOLD at £14.99 post paid UK.

Men’s World V9 No5
September 10, 2007, 5:17 pm
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Jo Guest in Men’s World magazinePhotographed as is mostly the case with Men’s World by Steve Colby Jo lies on her bed and phones her friend Holly who’s real name is Laura Singer. Jo dressed in white and Laura in black talk dirty to each other over the phone. The magazine also features Poppy Coles and Karen White.

Swank Holiday 1994
September 10, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Jo Guest in SwankI remember these magazines first arriving into Continue reading

Chic USA April 1993
September 10, 2007, 3:44 pm
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Jo Guest Chic April 93Another cover for Jo and inside she’s called Continue reading